Welcome to Gausta!

Here is some info that can be useful during your stay.


Find your way – Gausta View is situated on a small road without a name. It is close to Kvitåvatnvegen. Here is the exact position where you need to leave Kvitåvatnvegen and follow the 2 signs ”Gausta View”.

Find your parking – There is one parking spot for each apartment, they have the same numbers as the apartments. If you need an extra spot, check the 2 marked visitor parking on the map below. If these are occupied, check the Hovdestaul area. Due to local restrictions our parking area is limited, please try to park with precision 🙂

The Skiroom – It is situated at the bottom floor of the upper house. Your key tags will open the door. You can store your sports equipment here. This is also where you pick up rented electric mountain bikes and snow toys. In the entrance you will find the laundry room with washing machine and dryer here you will also find the cupboard where you can pick up baby beds and chairs.

Buying Ski-pass – You can ski down to Hovdestaul and buy your ski-pass in the vending machine next to the lift. You can alos purchase ski-passes at Gausta Skicenter.

Rent skis / snowboards – The only place to rent skis & snowboards is at Gausta Skicenter, easiest way to get there is with car or buss from Hovdestaul.


Check out time is 11.00 – Out of respect for our cleaning and inspection team, late check outs are not granted.

Waste disposal – Be sure to bring your waste when you leave, there is a recycling center with waste disposal close by, see the map. Never leave waste outdoors, this can attract wild animals.

How to leave the apartment – Do the dishes, it is ok to leave with the dishwasher going, but not with dirty dishes laying around. Put linnen and towels on the bathroom floor, put the small key in the box and leave the big on hallway wall. If you have not purchased end of stay cleaning, you can do it here. If you’re doing end of stay cleaning yourself, follow these instructions:

1. Vacuum all floors, be sure to vacuum under the sofa and beds. Empty vacuum dust bin after use.

2. Sweep all surfaces with the disposable cleaning wipes.

3. Clean the toilet carefully using the toilet duck cleaner. Wipe seat and all bathroom porcelain with disposable wipes.

4. Wipe all floors with the floor sweeper mopp using the disposable floor wipes

5. All done 🙂

Thanks for staying with us 🗻👍