‘Are you joking – is this mountain really just 5 hours from Gothenburg?’ That was Marcus’ reaction when Nils told him about Gaustatoppen for the first time. The pair are now working together to make Gausta View a reality.

‘We’re pretty familiar with the skiing scene in the Nordic region, but this place is something special.’

After years skiing in Åre, Vemdalen and Hemsedal, Nils Nienhardt and Marcus Fransson describe it as fantastic to find a bigger mountain with better and more interesting skiing so close to their hometown of Gothenburg.

‘After a considerable number of skiing days at Gaustatoppen, we can confidently state that the resort delivers what it promises, and so much more.’

For them, Gausta View is about fulfilling a dream, about building mountainside apartments that offer the perfect venue to take in a unique natural environment with its lofty mountains, powdery snow, and extraordinary skiing.

‘Like all the other investors in the project, we will be buying our own apartments at Gausta View. Our goal is for all those who purchase an apartment at Gausta View to get to enjoy the experiences and qualities we dreamed of ourselves.’

All the apartments at Gausta View benefit from the fantastic view and excellent layout.

‘We want to offer a high-quality product combined with a responsible concept in terms of service and rentals, that is both environmentally friendly and allows for good revenue for the owners.’

The construction of Gausta View is being organised by Nils Nienhardt and Marcus Fransson, who have a long history of starting and running successful companies, spanning property, environmental technology, architecture, IT development and mobile apps.